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ADA lawsuits have become a nuisance for small businesses. Business owners are generally unaware of their obligation to bring their premises into compliance with ADA standards and are shocked when they recieve a letter from an attorney stated that they are being sued due to ADA violations. Violations such as an improper disabled parking stall or improper signage is construed as a violation of a disabled person's civil rights! That's right! ADA is a civil rights law! ADA violations are  construed as acts of discrimination!

Accessibility standards have been in existence for over 50 years. SoCal CASp stays well informed of the latest State and Federal disabled access regulations. We have the experience and knowledge you can count on.

Beginning July 1, 2013 SB 1186 will require that all lease agreements shall state whether the premises has been CASp inspected and whether the property meets all applicable construction related accessibility standards. Have SoCal CASp inspect your business premises today and help reduce the risk of lawsuits against you and your tenants!


IRS Tax Incentives

The IRS offers tax deductions and credits to assist small businesses comply with ADA.

Reduce risk of lawsuits, Expand customer base, Tax incentives.
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Our Services

We provide CASp inspection services and code compliance inspection services for all types public accomodations including retail, restaurants, and hotels and motels.

We inspect affordable housing projects for compliance with ADA Title II and Title III, Section 504, FHA, and state codes. Certain Multifamily dwellings constructed after March 13, 1991 are required to meet minimum accessibility standards for dwelling units and common areas.

We provide project completion certification reports for newly constructed and remodeled buildings to enure diabled access compliance.

We provide consultation to architects, contractors, and business owners, provide expert witness services, and early evaluation conference support.

We are experienced and certified disabled access consultants specializing in construction related access compliance. There may be violations you are unaware of that puts you at risk of a lawsuit!
There's an awful lot to know about disabled access laws. SoCal CASp can provide you the services you need to reduce your risk of lawsuits.
We're experts in Americans with Disabilities Act, Architecture Barriers Act, Rehabilitation Act, California Building Code, Fair Housing Act, Housing and Urban Development, Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards.
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